Having been involved within the Scottish Borders taxi trade since 1987 Jim is now older and hopefully wiser. He has finally realised that the only way to create a better work versus life balance is to lessen the general on demand work, and to target one area of the taxi trade.

As a professional driver I have often wished to get free of the town and just enjoy the use of an open road. If that goal can also include providing a required service at a good price then my time and effort will have gained more value simply by doing something that I can enjoy.

I have served an apprenticeship in excess of thirty years and now is the time to take action.

I asked myself, how could I offer a budget taxi to airport transfers service? Having over the years taken passengers to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Prestwick and even Manchester airports the second question is which one would I prefer to service?

Not such big questions after all since Newcastle Airport would be my number one choice every time. Sounds like a plan so what must I do to make it happen in a sensible manner?

I have moved home, have an adequate vehicle and believe I now have the pricing formula correct. Three out of four is not too bad, so allow me to introduce my new venture to you.

Budget fare transfers from the central Scottish Borders to Newcastle airport

Genuine cost savings are available due to Jim's decision to target a single venue and at the same time reduce the unpaid miles travelled in order to fulfil such a contract.

Pre-booked pricing examples given are from the address Google considers to be the centre of the named town, and going to Newcastle airport, day time. 1-4 passengers only.

Note that the quoted price examples are inclusive of the minimum drop off charge required at Newcastle Airport. (this figure is the estimated official metered price, distance only, and does not include the drop off charge payable).

Jim's vehicle of choice

Jim's Taxi Cab

The Seat Toledo. No top of the range limousine certainly and it may even be classed as a budget car by some. However it has proven to be an honest and reliable mid sized family car that handles the task of being a taxi in the Scottish Borders and further afield very well.

It has a large boot and enough space for four average sized passengers although I willingly concede that the rear middle seat would soon lose some appeal on a longer journey.

There is no such thing as the perfect taxi, but the reliablity combined with lower operating costs of this vehicle ensure that I am able to offer a no frills, budget priced airport transfer service between the Scottish Borders and Newcastle Airport.

Cost savings are available on any journey that would by it's very nature be using the A68 and crossing the Scotland, England border at Carter Bar.

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Every quotation made reflects the actual price I would ask of you according to your real world pick up and destination location and is based on the most direct route practical.